r3d caravan Artists


LAL is a music making magical mushroom, the visible flowering part of a much larger organism, connected with very fine but infinitely resilient roots. They

are the flowering fruit of a complex network of microscopic filaments, connected to other firms and organizations; incisive and relentless activists, ethical community based businesses and performance companies. They are a huge, justice-hungry organism. The music of LAL is made by poet, lyricist, activist, singer and Bengali-rooted tough-guy Rosina Kazi and her life partner, producer, sound designer, philosopher, aphorismist and Barbados-born king of chill, Nicholas Murray, joined by bassist and walking guru Uganda-born Ian De Souza.www.lalforest.com


“The fact that three kids from Canada chose to buck the all-encompassing rock and hip-hop trends to craft introspective world music should tell you something about Lal’s level of sophistication. The trio’s fourth proper release deserves the often-misused descriptor of “genre-hopping,”…”Bunch of Maybes” and album closer “I Know Your Face” manage to pull off that rare feat of sounding fashionable and forward-thinking without being “of the moment” or yearningly insecure. Lal’s self-titled LP doesn’t break down barriers as much as it simply ignores them.”

– Daniel Sylvester – Exclaim!

Amai Kuda is a Toronto based singer/songwriter, community activist and the mother of a young child. the name Amai Kuda means ‘mother to the will of the creator’ in southern African language Shona. A popular singer within progressive political circles and the diverse women’s cultural scene in Toronto, Amai Kuda released her debut album ‘Sand from the Sea’ in 2011. Daughter of internationally awarded writer, Nourbese Philip, who has used her work to speak out about all kinds of injustice, Amai Kuda grew up going to demonstration and listening to her elders passionately discuss the history and future of African peoples. http://amaikuda.com


“Brilliant.  amai kuda is one of the year’s most exciting new discoveries.”– Nicholas Jennings -TV programmer/journalist

Sonny B Storyteller, performer musician, vocalist! Sonny B’s work is interested in the stories we hold in our bodies, the stories we let go of, and the stories we choose to show. B infuses strong jazz vocals with live looping and electro-folk. Their work attempts to challenge assumptions around gender, privilege, and power dynamics.   www.sbbs.bandcamp.com

Brixia Birdthroat Bloodbeard Galore Toronto-born musician, visual artist, and community arts facilitator. Wielding the stark and shaking power of voice, BRIXIA performs a’capella, as well as accompanied by ukelele.  Combining song with shadow puppetry, BRIXIA tells embellish authentic tales of multigenerational challenges, love, life, and mortality. brixia on bandcamp

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