R3: (Roots Rhythms Resistance) is an artists’ collective recovering indigenous roots and resisting colonial oppression through music, dance, visual art and theatre for and by marginalized peoples, with a particular focus on Queer Indigenous and Queer communities of colour.

Our objective is to use the arts to raise awareness, energy and funds for decolonization work, which
we define as:
• Healing and rebuilding our communities,
• Recreating sustainable and self-sustaining grassroots economies,
• Reclaiming land and resources
• Spirituality, Language, his/herstory and other aspects of culture eroded by colonization.

Our Philosophy:
R3 collective focuses on Resistance to colonial oppression, the attainment of Reparations for colonized peoples, and the Reclamation of Indigenous world views and life ways.

Who are we?
Our members include a diverse group of people working to build strong artistic communities where grassroots social justice art can be created and presented in safe and supportive environments. The art that is produced addresses the issues we face as a community of mostly Indigenous and Queer Women of Colour, namely racism, colonization, homophobia, classism, sexism, ableism etc. It is created with the hope of fostering a dialogue that reaches across diverse communities, and promotes anti-oppressive education and expression! We always welcome new members who would like to work with us towards our goals; as well as partnerships with groups who have related visions!


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  1. Mississauga Permaculture says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the Everybody Conference in Guelph! Sound great 🙂

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