What can a decolonized community look like?

Join us as we explore, create and question, space, time, past present, future, home, land, food, sleep, love , healing, community .. through an interactive art installation…

What can a decolonized community look like?
Sunday, April 28, 2013
3pm – 7pm
Academy of the Impossible,
231 Wallace Avenue (5 minutes north of Lansdowne Station, 2 minutes west of Lansdowne)

There will also be a melding of food love and dreams of healthy communities, as Aemilius Ramirez lends his skills in the kitchen to create and provide a nourishing menu for the day!

*This venue is wheelchair accessible, including wheelchair accessible washroom.

*Everyone can come and go as they please, event will end by 7pm.

*Folks of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Families are welcome.

*Donations will be accepted, but not expected.

*Be prepared to share, learn and grow!

*Special thanks to Six Degrees Acupuncture who will be providing community acupuncture treatments!

R3 actively supports people and projects that use an indigenist or decolonization framework to tackle the legacies of colonization.

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