LAL CD Release – May 18, 2012



LAL will be celebrating their 4th LP release, Friday, May 18th 2012 at the Garrison.

LAL is a band, but not only a band – they are a music making magical mushroom, the visible flowering part of a much larger organism, connected with very fine but infinitely resilient roots.

They are the flowering fruit of a complex network of microscopic filaments, these roots also belonging and are connected to other firms and organizations; incisive and relentless activists, ethical community based businesses and performance companies.

They are a huge, justice-hungry organism. A world-wide team of individuals, groups, organizations, companies, firms, NGOs, businesses, researchers, activists, philosophers and artists. Those who are determined to give a shit.

The music of LAL is made by poet, lyricist, activist, singer and Bengali-rooted tough-guy Rosina Kazi and her life partner, producer, sound designer, philosopher, aphorismist and Barbados-born king of chill, Nicholas Murray, joined by bassist and walking guru Uganda-born Ian De Souza,


“Lal’s new self-titled album is a polished, dreamy collection that calls to mind Enigma and Depeche Mode in terms of both style and deep lyrical content. It’s genuine chill music with electronic beats and breathy, ethereal vocals, and is sooth- ing and energizing at the same time… I’d love to hear this trio from Toronto live in concert.”
– DR – Shameless Magazine

“The fact that three kids from Canada chose to buck the all-encompassing rock and hip-hop trends to craft introspective world music should tell you something about Lal’s level of sophistication. The trio’s fourth proper release deserves the often-misused descriptor of “genre-hopping,”…”Bunch of Maybes” and album closer “I Know Your Face” manage to pull off that rare feat of sounding fashionable and forward-thinking without being “of the moment” or yearningly insecure. Lal’s self-titled LP doesn’t break down barriers as much as it simply ignores them.”
– Daniel Sylvester – Exclaim!


Hosted by: Cherish Blood / Victoria Mata
Performances by:
Mia Skye
Saye Sky
Matthew Maskaant
R3 Collective
Visuals by: V.J. Yala
djs: Nik Red / Lover Sun

Sponsors for the release show
R3 Collective
OPIRG Toronto
Hotbox Cafe
Mayworks Festival

Media sponsor

look behind
Live your light

Listen and share


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